Wine Tasting Events

Wine tasting is a great event whether it’s to say thank you to clients or celebrate success with your team, or perhaps you are planning just to explore the natural beauties of Oregon - our experienced and engaging host will put your guests at ease and ensure everyone has a good time.

Our wine tasting tours are always highly interactive and good fun, pitched at just the right level for your event, whether it be a small group of discerning wine buffs or a larger audience of enthusiastic drinkers. We turn wine tours into entertainment so that your guests leave with much greater confidence when tackling a wine list.

Varieties of events

Our wine tours are excellent choice for a variety of events, that will guarantee that your guest, partners or loved ones have a great time.

For instance, wine tours are a great choice for a bachelor or bachelorette party. In these events You are offering Your guests not only a getaway from the town hustle but also a mini vacation in the beautiful Oregon scenery. These events also are not schedule intensive so You don’t have to worry if Your attendees will be able to find the time in their busy calendars. These bachelor or bachelorette parties are a wonderful choice for small to medium size group of guests.

Couples and newlyweds

If you want to treat yourself and your special partner with once in a lifetime experience then wine tours should certainly be on the top of Your list.

Do not be afraid if You have zero knowledge about wine. Our dedicated host will lead You through the experience of wine and wine tasting, that will surely help you better understand the complexities of wine and help you choose the perfect wine on social occasions.

Try to picture the lush green vineyards of Oregon, sun setting behind the hills, you and your special one, toasting each other with a glass of exquisite wine… Isn’t  that a life long memory?

Business partners

Everything is more relaxed with a glass of wine. Is there a better way to celebrate a business milestone, to conclude a business arrangement or give your business team a great team building experience? Laid back atmosphere, fresh air, nature and great wine will relax your mind and trigger all your senses in the same time again providing long lasting memories for Your team members and business colleagues or clients.

Vin d’ Oregon can help You organize all these and many other events. We will provide You with an excellent service and memorable experience. We can help you both with advice and planning. Contact us and have a great time!